He touched the Blood of Christ… – Experiences during the Divine Liturgy – Fr. Stephen Anagnostopoulos



He touched the Blood of Christ…

Experiences during the Divine Liturgy

Fr. Stephen Anagnostopoulos:

Father Anthony Tsigas was a priest at the Church of Prophet Elijah in the area of Kastella located in Piraeus (Greece). When the deceased Metropolitan of Piraeus, Chrysostom Tavladorakis was still alive.

One Saturday morning, as Father Anthony was performing the Divine Liturgy he reached the point where he had to Consecrate the Holy Gifts.
As he was on bent knees saying the Prayer, his hands were leaning on the Holy Table.

During the moment when he was about to get up in order to bless the Precious Gifts, a drop of Blood falls on his hand from up high; in fact, It spattered him!!

He was in a state of terror when he saw It!! Terrified as he was,he was looking at It and then he was captured by holy awe, fear; he was ecstatic and astonished,in other words he experienced various mixed, incomprehensible feelings that could not of course be described by Father Anthony. As soon as he got up he did not know what to do! He licked the Blood of Christ… he did not know what had come over him. Nevertheless, the Grace of our Holy God, after this miracle, made him look at the Holy Chalice only to realize that it was empty!

He had forgotten to fill it with wine. Next,when he looked at the Body he saw that It was in fact unpierced. That is to say, he had not completed the Holy Proskomedia.

The chanter continued chanting “We hymn thee, we bless Thee…” the priest told him to continue with a nod (there were not as many people since it was Saturday), he took the Holy Spear, pierced the Holy Bread and said; one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear,and at once there came out blood and water”.

Afterwards he filled the Holy Cup,then poured the wine and water,as usual, blessed it, made the sign of the Cross and after having completed all this, he was on bent knees once again in order to read the consecration Prayer, got up blessed the Precious Gifts and our All Holy God transformed the bread and wine-the way it is always done every time there is a Divine Liturgy-into the Body and Blood of Christ. Following the Consecration and the end of the Divine Liturgy, he consumed the Holy Cup cleaning it entirely.

Immediately after the Divine Liturgy which was held on a Saturday,he told Metropolitan Chrysostom all about his experience. The latter then took Father Anthony’s hand so that he could smell it. It had an inexpressible sweet-smelling savor!! He took it and started kissing it many times.

—My Bishop!, Says Father Anthony.

—I am not kissing your own hand he said,even though it should also be kissed, for you are a Celebrant of the Most High.

It does not matter if you are a priest and I a bishop. I have touched in you hand the Blood of God,the Blood of God!!!!!

I recall that after Father Anthony’s falling asleep the bishop narrated the story to me.

Since the bishop was very expressive,he stood up and said;

—Father Stephan, the BLOOD OF CHRIST!!, and started crying!

All this takes place during the Divine Liturgy!!

Christ is not hidden in the Precious Gifts (He is not concealed or simply
found inside,nor is bread and wine mere symbols of the Body and Blood of Continue reading “He touched the Blood of Christ… – Experiences during the Divine Liturgy – Fr. Stephen Anagnostopoulos”


The Holy Spear of  the Divine Liturgy & Saint Theodosius of Argos, Greece (+922)



The Holy Spear of  the Divine Liturgy

& Saint Theodosius of Argos, Greece (+922)

August 7

Fr. Stephen Anagnostopoulos, Greece:

With the Holy Spear we make exactly the same symbolic movement with that of the soldier who pierced the side of Christ’s Holy Body on the Cross, we say; one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side,and forthwith came there out “blood and water”, as we pour wine and water inside the Holy Cup.

At this point it is worth mentioning Saint Theodosius of Argos, Greece (+922), true story…

This Saint in particular celebrated the Divine Liturgy only once. On the first day he became a deacon,on the second day a priest,and on the third day he performed the Liturgy for the first time. When it was time to “pierce” the Holy Bread with the Holy Spear,he saw,right before his eyes, himself as a soldier with a sharp spear piercing the Holy Body of the Lord as Blood and Water were coming out of His side.

No one will ever find out how terrified he must have been(this will remain unknown)when he poured wine and water inside the Holy Cup!
He was indeed captivated by Divine fear so much so that when he had completed the Divine Liturgy he never celebrated it again.

Taken from the book: Fr. Stephan Anagnostopoulos, Experiences during the Divine Liturgy


平安にして出ずべし – 聖体礼儀を生きる About Holy Communion & Divine Liturgy ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* Japanese





About Holy Communion & Divine Liturgy


名古屋ハリストス正教会 司祭 ゲオルギイ 松島雄一






「自らを『聖神の宮』とするためには、ハリストスが昇っていった天に自らも昇ってゆかねばならず、また、この『昇天』こそがこの世への伝道と職務のまさに前提条件である。これは初代教会信徒にとって自明なことだった。その『天』で、彼らは、神の国の新しい生命の溢れに浸された。この『昇天の奉神礼』からこの世へ戻ってきた彼らの顔には、神の国の喜びと平安が輝き、彼らはその真の証人となった。彼らは何の『改革へのプログラム』も『理論』も携えて行かなかった。しかし、彼らが赴く所ではどこでも、神の国の種子は芽を出し、信仰の灯がともされ、生活は変容され、不可能が可能となった。『この光はどこから来るのですか。どこにこの力の源があるのですか』と尋ねられたなら、彼らは確信を持って答えたであろう…」。(”For the Life of the World” SVS Press 1988 p.20)





Des dizaines de passereaux et d’autres oiseaux entraient et sortaient et au dehors de l’église par les fen êtres ouvertes de la coupole, gazouillant et chantant avec vivacité ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* French



Père Stéphane Anagnostopoulos:

Un fidèle m’a raconté un événement similaire qui a eu lieu à l’église de la Mère de Dieu qui s’appelle «Ecatontapyliani» et qui se trouve à Paros (dans les Cyclades, Grèce), pendant la Divine Liturgie de la veille de l’Épiphanie, en 1998.

Des dizaines de passereaux et d’autres oiseaux entraient et sortaient et au dehors de l’église par les fen êtres ouvertes de la coupole, gazouillant et chantant avec vivacité. Pourtant, à l’heure de la consécration des saints dons, ils se sont tus et immobilis és tous pour recommencer après l’ecphonèse: «Et en premier lieu pour notre très sainte…» [Notes personnelles de l’auteur].

Les propres paroles du Seigneur «Ceci est mon corps…ceci est mon sang…» (Marc 14, 22-24) à la sainte Cène, le soir du jeudi saint, témoignent de cette réalité du Changement du pain et du vin en Corps et en Sang du Christ. La constitution donc du saint sacrement est divine. C’est le Christ lui même qui en est l’auteur.

Les signes visibles du saint sacrement sont le pain au levain, le vin et la prière secrète «envoie ton Saint-Esprit sur nous et sur ces Dons…». Ce n’est pas seulement la grâce du Christ qui est transmise par la sainte communion comme c’est le cas d’ ailleurs pour d’autres sacrements, mais c’est le Christ, le Seigneur lui-même. Les fidèles qui reçoivent dignement le Corps et le Sang du Christ, s’ y intègrent, ayant les mêmes corps et sang que Lui. L’adhésion au Corps de l’église, c’est-à-dire l’incorporation, commence par le saint Baptême et s’achève avec la sainte communion, c’est-à-dire l’intégration. Cela veut dire que notre être tout entier reçoit d’une façon mystique la Vie-même, notre Seigneur et Rédempteur et l’incorpore.


Père Stéphane Anagnostopoulos

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